1.Lane Matt Kathy Brendon Brendon Annie SCAR.Brendon Brendon MonetSCAR. SPAR.Monet
2.Annie Britney Matt Matt Monet Lane SPAR.Brendon Brendon Brendon SCAR.Monet
3.Monet Annie Annie Annie LaneSCAR. Lane Kathy Annie LaneSPAR. SCAR.Annie
4.Brendon Matt AnnieSPAR. AnnieSCAR. Annie AnnieSPAR. Annie KathySCAR. Annie KILLED.Annie
5.Andrew KathySCAR. Kathy Monet MonetSPAR. Kathy Monet AnnieSPAR. KILLED.Monet
6.Kathy Britney Kristen KristenSPAR. Enzo MonetSCAR. Lane KILLED.Lane
7.Enzo Britney KathySCAR. Kathy Kathy Brendon KILLED.Brendon
8.Ragan Monet Kristen Monet Monet KILLED.Brendon
9.Matt AnnieSPAR. Monet Annie KILLED.Kathy
10.Kristen Matt Matt KILLEDMatt
11.Hayden Matt KILLEDMatt
12.Britney KILLEDKristen
13.Rachel KILLED

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