1.Alexandra 1.Alonya 1.Haedus 1.Lola 1.Chantelle 1.Deborah 1.Haedus 1.Milla 1.Chantelle 1.Deborah 1.Deborah 1.Milla 1.Alexandra 1.Alexandra
2.Haedus 2.Mallory 2.Milla 2.Milla 2.Milla 2.Alexandra 2.Chantelle 2.Alexandra 2.Haedus 2.Haedus 2.Alexandra 2.Alexandra 2.Haedus 2.Haedus
3.Lola 3.Haedus 3.Kimberly 3.Deborah 3.Maleah 3.Seanna 3.Kimberly 3.Haedus 3.Deborah 3.Alexandra 3.Milla 3.Haedus Elim.Milla
4.Kimberly 4.Lola 4.Alexandra 4.Chantelle 4.Alexandra 4.Lola 4.Alexandra 4.Kimberly 4.Milla 4.Chantelle 4.Haedus Elim.Deborah
5.Alonya 5.Milla 5.Deborah 5.Mallory 5.Alonya 5.Haedus 5.Milla 5.Chantelle 5.Alexandra 5.Milla Elim.Chantelle
6.Thylin 6.Seanna 6.Seanna 6.Alonya 6.Haedus 6.Milla 6.Deborah 6.Lola 6.Kimberly Elim.Kimberly
7.Amelia 7.Chantelle 7.Alonya 7.Seanna 7.Seanna 7.Chantelle 7.Lola 7.Deborah Elim.Lola
8.Chantelle 8.Kimberly 8.Amelia 8.Kimberly 8.Deborah 8.Alonya 8.Alonya Elim.Alonya
9.Maleah 9.Deborah 9.Mallory 9.Alexandra 9.Kimberly 9.Kimberly Elim.Seanna
10.Mallory 10.Maleah 10.Chantelle 10.Maleah 10.Lola Elim.Maleah
11.Lisbeth 11.Alexandra 11.Maleah 11.Haedus Elim.Mallory
12.Seanna 12.Amelia 12.Lola Elim.Amelia
13.Deborah 13.Thylin Elim.Thylin
14.Milla Elim.Lisbeth

Photoshoots :

Week 1 : Laying in Flowers

Week 2 : Masquerade Ballroom

Week 3 : Diamond Earrings

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