1.Rebecca 1.Jolie 1.Devonne 1.Morgan 1.Devonne 1.Devonne 1.Adia 1.Verity 1.Hallie 1.Adia 1.Ema 1.Ema 1.Adia 1.Verity 1.Devonne 1.Verity
2.Jolie 2.Renyk 2.Verity 2.Adia 2.Ema 2.Harley 2.Francis 2.Francis 2.Verity 2.Devonne 2.Devonne 2.Francis 2.Verity 2.Adia 2.Verity 2.Devonne
3.Morgan 3.Hallie 3.Jolie 3.Hallie 3.Arorah 3.Adia 3.Devonne 3.Devonne 3.Devonne 3.Francis 3.Verity 3.Verity 3.Ema 3.Devonne Elim.Adia
4.Adia 4.Harley 4.Ema 4.Rebecca 4.Rebecca 4.Arorah 4.Ema 4.Rebecca 4.Francis 4.Hallie 4.Hallie 4.Devonne 4.Devonne Elim.Francis
5.Xiomara 5.Adia 5.Morgan 5.Veronique 5.Veronique 5.Jolie 5.Morgan 5.Adia 5.Ema 5.Ema 5.Adia 5.Adia Elim.Francis
6.Ema 6.Verity 6.Francis 6.Jolie 6.Francis 6.Hallie 6.Jolie 6.Arorah 6.Rebecca 6.Arorah 6.Francis Elim.Hallie
7.HarleyQuinn 7.Xiomara 7.Hallie 7.Verity 7.Verity 7.Morgan 7.Rebecca 7.Jolie 7.Arorah 7.Verity Elim.Arorah
8.Hallie 8.Rebecca 8.Adia 8.Arorah 8.Hallie 8.Verity 8.Verity 8.Ema 8.Adia Elim.Rebecca
9.Verity 9.Morgan 9.Harley 9.Harley 9.Harley 9.Francis 9.Arorah 9.Hallie Elim.Jolie
10.Arorah 10.Veronique 10.Veronique 10.Devonne 10.Jolie 10.Ema 10.Hallie Elim.Morgan
11.Brooke 11.Arorah 11.Xiomara 11.Francis 11.Adia 11.Rebecca Elim.Harley
12.Francis 12.DevonneNEW 12.Arorah 12.Ema 12.Morgan Elim.Veronique
13.Veronique 13.Ema 13.Rebecca Elim.Xiomara
14.Renyk 14.Francis Elim.Renyk
Elim.Sakura Elim.Brooke

Week 1 : H & M Photoshoot

Week 2 : 80's Disco Divas

Week 3 : All American Girls with a fashion twist

Week 4 : Bikinis In An Alley

Week 5 : Goth Gargoyles

Week 6 : MOdels In paris

Week 7 : Bitch Fight In Pairs

Week 8 : JC Penny Commercial

Week 9 :

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