1.Natalie 1.Lyric 1.Natalie 1.Henrietta 1.Ellen 1.Lyric 1.Dianne 1.Dianne 1.Lyric 1.Ellen 1.Lyric 1.Ellen 1.Henrietta
2.Henrietta 2.Ellen 2.Alexis 2.Ellen 2.Leigh 2.Dianne 2.Seslie 2.Lyric 2.Henrietta 2.Dianne 2.Ellen 2.Henrietta 2.Ellen
3.Lyric 3.Henrietta 3.Ellen 3.Lyric 3.Charity 3.Henrietta 3.Henrietta 3.Henrietta 3.Ellen 3.Henrietta 3.Henrietta 3.Lyric 3.Lyric
4.Charity 4.Natalie 4.Leigh 4.Mist 4.Mist 4.Ellen 4.Leigh 4.Seslie 4.Seslie 4.Lyric 4.Dianne Elim.Dianne
5.Mist 5.Natalia 5.Lyric 5.Natalie 5.Dianne 5.Natalie 5.Ellen 5.Ellen 5.Dianne Elim.Seslie
6.Auel 6.Mist 6.Henrietta 6.Seslie 6.Henrietta 6.Seslie 6.Lyric 6.Natalie Elim.Natalie
7.Ellen 7.Auel 7.Charity 7.Charity 7.Lyric 7.Leigh 7.Natalie Elim.Leigh
8.Leigh 8.Alexis 8.Dianne 8.Alexis 8.Seslie 8.Charity Elim.Charity
9.Natalia 9.Leigh 9.Mist 9.Dianne 9.Natalie Elim.Mist
10.Dianne 10.Charity 10.Seslie 10.Leigh Elim.Alexis
11.Seslie 11.Dianne 11.Auel Elim.Auel
12.Alexis 12.Seslie Elim.Natalia
13.Alexandra Elim.Alexandra

Notes : 

In Week 1 : Lyric was the original FCO, but got third because of her behavior at the set. It was also revealed Alexandra would've been in the top 3 that week, if it wasn't for her being anorexic (also the reason she got eliminated week 2) It was also revealed that Tammy would've satyed, had it not been for her behavior.

In Week 5 : It was revaled that Henrietta would have gotten a way higher CO, or FCO, had it not been for the arguement with Alexis. It was also revealed that Seslie would have been eliminated. but wasn't because of Alexis's unnaceptable behavior.

Photoshoots :

Week 1 : Sexy Stage Performers

Week 2 : Hot Air Balloons

Week 3 : Swimusits On The Beach

Week 4 : Fruit splattered all over your body, lying down on the beach

Week 5 : Aliens in partners

Week 6 : Crazy for games

Week 7 : 80's retro

Week 8 : Garbage Couture

Week 9 : Ad for Chic Chick

Week 10 : Morracan Beauties

Week 11 : Four Elements

Week 12 : Four Seasons

Week 13 : CoverGirl

In Week 11 : Ellen got a long, platnium blonde weave. Lyric also got some extensions. And Henrietta, was given a weave and Ice Blonde.

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