1.Rizzelda 1.Karina 1.Tanya 1.Rizzelda 1.Parker 1.Bobby 1.Bobby 1.Evangelie 1.Evangelie 1.Rizzelda 1.Tanya 1.Rizzelda 1.Rizzelda
2.Ellie 2.Mallory 2.Bobby 2.Evangelie 2.Shalita 2.Shalita 2.Tanya 2.Tanya 2.Tanya 2.Bobby 2.Rizzelda 2.Tanya 2.Tanya
3.Indigo 3.Ellie 3.Ellie 3.Parker 3.Tanya 3.Rizzelda 3.Evangelie 3.Rizzelda 3.Bobby 3.Tanya 3.Bobby Elim.Bobby
4.Evangelie 4.Rizzelda 4.Shalita 4.Tanya 4.Bobby 4.Tanya 4.Rizzelda 4.Shalita 4.Rizzelda 4.Evangelie Elim.Evangelie
5.Bobby 5.Shalita 5.Parker 5.Shalita 5.Indigo 5.Ellie 5.Ellie 5.Indigo 5.Shalita Elim.Shalita
6.Karmaine 6.Parker 6.Evangelie 6.Indigo 6.Ellie 6.Evangelie 6.Indigo 6.Bobby Elim.Indigo
7.Parker 7.Bobby 7.Indigo 7.Karina 7.Evangelie 7.Parker 7.Shalita Elim.Ellie
8.Karina 8.Karmaine 8.Rizzelda 8.Mallory 8.Rizzelda 8.Indigo Elim.Parker
9.Mallory 9.Tanya 9.Karina 9.Ellie 9.Mallory Elim.Mallory
10.Ashlee 10.Indigo 10.Mallory 10.Bobby Elim.Karina
11.Allison 11.Allison 11.Karmaine Elim.Karmaine
12.Tanya 12.Evangelie Elim.Allison
13.Shalita Elim.Ashlee

Week 1 : BUtterfly Beauties

Week 2 : Makeovers & bikinis on Beach

Week 3 : High fashion Prisoners

Week 4 : Sexy court Judges

Week 5 : Workout video stars in pairs

Week 6 : Bald with Crystals

Week 7 : On Stilts

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