Fifi: 27

Jeffry: 30

Chesney: 21

Eris: 22

Graham: 23

Alexandra: 21

Jason: 24

Gwendolyn: 29

Ricky: 25

Russell: 24

Kamryn: 23

Marcia: 31

Richard: 24

Dior: 28

Callista: 24

David: 34

Twist: A real life couple, working to sabatoge the house. (Callista and Russell)

HOH: Gwendolyn

Pre Veto Noms: David & Graham

Veto Players: Gwendolyn, David, Graham, Kamryn, Russell, Jeffry

Veto Winner: Kamryn

Used On: Nobody

Post Veto Noms: David & Graham

Votes to evict:

Jeffry: Graham

Marcia: Graham

Chesney: Graham

Richard: Graham

Alexandra: Graham

Ricky: Graham

Callista: Graham

Jason: Graham

Eris: Graham

Russell: Graham

Fifi: Graham

Dior: Graham

Kamryn: Graham

Evicted: Graham (13-0)

Week 2:

HOH: Fifi

Pre Veto Noms: Karmyn & Russell

Veto Players: Fifi, Kamryn, Russell, Richard, Jeffry, Callista

Veto Winner: Russell

Used On: Russell

Post Veto Noms: Kamryn & Ricky

Votes to evict:

Russell: Kamryn

Marcia: Kamryn

Richard: Kamryn

Jason: Kamryn

Jeffry: Ricky

Alexandra: Kamryn

David: Kamryn

Gwendolyn: Kamryn

Eris: Ricky

Chesney: Kamryn

Dior: Kamryn

Callista: Ricky

Evicted: Kamryn (9-3)

Week 3:

HOH: Gwendolyn

Pre Veto Noms: Russell & Ricky

Veto Players: Gwendolyn, Russell, Ricky, Callista, Marcia, Jason

POV Winner: Gwendolyn

Used On: Ricky

Post Veto Noms: Russell & Jason

Votes to evict:

Alexandra: Jason

David: Russell

Marcia: David

Dior: Russell

Jeffry: Russell

Ricky: Russell

Eris: Russell

Fifi: Russell

Callista: Jason

Richard: Russell

Chensey: Jason

Evicted: Russell (8-3) Callista (Evicted because Russell got evicted)

Week 4:

HOH: Dior

Pre Veto Noms: David & Jeffry

Veto Players: Dior, David, Jeffry, Jason, Fifi, Richard

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