Ryley : 28 

Euan : 25 

Brittany: 32

Paola: 29

Jonathan: 26

Nicole: 22

Skylar: 22

Amber: 28

Victoria: 24

Joey: 31

Ben: 24

David: 27

Jocasta: 28

Christine: 23

Cowen: 29

Andrew: 24

Boot Order:
16th: Brittany
15th: Joey
14th: Victoria
13th: Ben
12th: Jonathan
11th: Euan
10th: David
9th: Amber
8th: Andrew
7th: Skylar
6th: Cowen
5th: Christine
4th: Nicole
3rd: Paola
2nd: Jocasta
Winner: Ryley

Week 1 :
HOH: Joey
Pre Veto Noms: Brittany + Jocasta
POV Players: Joey, Brittany, Jocasta, Ryley, David, Nicole
POV Winner: Joey
Used On: Nobody

Votes to evict:

Skylar: Brittany
David: Jocasta
Nicole: Brittany
Ben: Brittany
Cowen: Brittany
Victoria: Brittany
Andrew: Jocasta
Ryley: Jocasta
Christine: Brittany
Amber: Brittany
Jonathan: Brittany
Paola: Jocasta
Euan: Brittany
Evicted: Brittany (9-4)

All guy alliance: Ben, Jonathan, David, Ryley
Secret Deals: Cowen/Joey, Cowen/Victoria
The Trechourous Two: Victoria, Nicole,
Team Amber: Amber, Skylar, Andrew, Christine

Week 2 :
HOH: Victoria
Pre Veto Noms: Joey & Andrew
Veto Players: Victoria, Joey, Andrew, Ben, Euan, David
Veto Winner: David
Used On: Nobody
Post Veto Noms: Joey & Andrew
Votes To Evict:

Jocasta: Joey
David: Andrew
Ben: Andrew
Nicole: Joey
Ryley: Andrew
Christine: Joey
Euan: Joey
Cowen: Joey
Jonathan: Andrew
Skylar: Joey
Amber: Joey
Paola: Andrew
Evicted: Joey (7-5)

All guy alliance: Ben, Jonathan, David, Ryley
Secret Deals: Cowen/Victoria, Andrew/Nicole
The Trechourous Two: Victoria, Nicole
Team Amber: Amber, Skylar, Andrew, Christine

Week 3:
HOH: Paola
Pre Veto Noms: Christine & Euan
Veto Players: Paola, Christine, Euan, Skylar, Amber, Andrew
Veto Winner: Euan
Used on: Euan
Post Veto noms: Christine & Victoria

Votes to evict:

Amber: Victoria
Ryley: Victoria
Euan: Victoria
Jocasta: Victoria
Nicole: Christine
Cowen: Christine
Ben: Christine
David: Victoria
Skylar: Victoria
Andrew: Victoria
Jonathan: Christine
Evicted: Victoria (7-4)

Week 4 :
HOH: Amber
Pre Veto Noms: David & Jonathan
Veto Players: Amber, David, Jonathan, Cowen, Euan
Veto Winner: Euan
Used On: David
Post Veto Noms: Jonathan & Ben

Votes to evict:

Andrew: Ben
Cowen: Ben
Nicole: Ben
Jocasta: Ben
Christine: Ben
David: Ben
Euan: Ben
Paola: Ben
Skylar: Ben
Ryley: Ben
Evicted: Ben (10-0)

Week 5:
HOH: Cowen
Pre Veto Noms: Euan & Jonathan
Veto Players: Cowen, Euan, Jonathan, David, Ryley, Jocasta
Veto winner: Ryley
used On: Nobody

Votes to evict:

Ryley: Jonathan
Nicole: Jonathan
Christine: Jonathan
Skylar: Jonathan
Andrew: Jonathan
Jocasta: Jonathan
Paola: Jonathan
David: Jonathan
Amber: Jonathan
Evicted: Jonathan (9-0)

Week 6:
HOH: Amber
Pre Veto Noms: David & Euan 
Veto Players: Amber, David, Euan, Christine, Jocasta, Nicole
Veto Winner: Jocasta
Used On: Nobody
Post Veto Noms: David & Euan

Votes to evict:

Cowen: Euan
Andrew: Euan
Jocasta: Euan
Christine: Euan
Nicole: Euan
Ryley: Euan
Skylar: Euan
Paola: Euan
Evicted: Euan (8-0)

FF # 1 (Week 6 Part 2)
HOH: Nicole
Pre Noms: David & Paola
Veto Players: Nicole, David, Paola, Ryley, Christine, Skylar
POV Winner: Nicole
Used On: Paola
Post Veto Noms: David & Ryley

Votes to evict:

Paola: Ryley
Jocasta: Ryley
Andrew: Ryley
Skylar: David
Christine: David
Cowen: David
Amber: David
Evicted: David (4-3)

Week 7:
HOH: Ryley
Pre Veto Noms: Andrew & Skylar
Veto Players: Ryley, Andrew, Skylar, Jocasta, Christine, Cowen
Veto Player: Skylar
Used On: Skylar
Post Veto Noms: Andrew & Amber

Votes to evict:

Paola: Amber
Skylar: Andrew
Christine: Andrew
Nicole: Amber
Cowen: Amber
Evicted: Amber (4-2)

Week 8:
HOH: Skylar
Pre Veto Noms: Cowen & Nicole
Veto Players: Skylar, Cowen, Nicole, Christine, Ryley, Andrew
Veto Winner: Christine
Used On: Cowen
Post Veto Noms: Andrew & Nicole

Votes to evict:

Ryley: Nicole
Christine: Andrew
Paola: Andrew
Jocasta: Andrew
Cowen: Andrew
Evicted: Andrew (4-1)

FF # 1 (Week 8 Part 2): 
HOH: Nicole
Pre Veto Noms: Christine & Skylar
Veto Players: Nicole, Christine, Skylar, Paola, Ryley, Jocasta
POV Winner: Ryley
Used On: Nobody
Post veto Noms: Christine & Skylar

Votes to evict:

Cowen: Christine
Ryley: Skylar
Paola: Skylar
Jocasta: Skylar
Evicted: Skylar (3-1)

Week 9:
HOH: Ryley
Pre Veto Noms: Nicole & Christine
Veto Winner: Christine
Post Veto Noms: Nicole & Cowen

Votes to evict:

Paola: Cowen
Jocasta: Cowen
Christine: Cowen
Evicted: Cowen (3-0)
Week 10:
HOH: Jocasta
Pre Veto Noms: Nicole & Christine
Veto Winner: Nicole
Used On: Nicole
Post Veto Noms: Ryley & Christine

Votes to evict:

Paola: Christine
Nicole: Ryley
Evicted: Christine (1-1, tiebreaker vote)

Week 11:
HOH: Ryley
Pre Veto Noms: Nicole & Paola
Veto Winner: Ryley
Used On: Nobody
Post Veto Noms: Nicole & Paola

Evicted: Nicole (Jocasta's choice to evict)

Final HOH Part 1: Ryley
Final HOH Part 2: Jocasta
Final HOH Part 3: Ryley
Evicted: Paola (Ryley's choice to evict)
Jury Votes:

Euan: Ryley

David: Ryley

Amber: Ryley

Andrew: Ryley

Skylar: Ryley

Cowen: Ryley

Christine: Ryley

Nicole: Ryley

Paola: Jocasta

WINNER: Ryley (8-1)

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