1.Kimberly 1.Kimberly 1.Kimberly 1.Janet
2.Bianca 2.Victoria 2.Ambreal 2.Chantal
3.Saleshia 3.Bianca 3.Janet 3.Lisa
4.Janet 4.Ambreal 4.Chantal 4.Mila
5.Ebony 5.Lisa 5.Victoria 5.Bianca
6.Ambreal 6.Chantal 6.Mila 6.Victoria
7.Mila 7.Saleshia 7.Bianca 7.Ambreal
8.Heather 8.Heather 8.Saleshia 8.Heather
9.Chantal 9.Mila 9.Heather 9.Kimberly
10.Lisa 10.Janet 10.Lisa Elim.Saleshia
11.Jenah 11.Jenah Elim.Jenah
12.Victoria Elim.Ebony

Week 1 : Stand out in a crowd (Among LA's City)

Week 2 : Scar beauties

Week 3 : Crazy Makeup beauty shot

Week 4 : Couture Gowns in a jungle gym

Week 5 : Bungee Jumping

Week 6 : Swumsuits in the snow

Week 7 : Athletic wear on a treadmill

ID : Italy

Week 8 : Selling pizza in elegant gowns

Week 9 : High Fashion warriors at the Cathedral

Week 10 : Fashionistas in the colorful city of Manalora

Week 11 : CoverGirl

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