1.Renee 1.Whitney 1.Cassandra 1.Felicia 1.Diana 1.Diana 1.Whitney 1.Felicia 1.Whitney 1.Felicia 1.Jael 1.Natasha
2.Whitney 2.Diana 2.Natasha 2.Kathleen 2.Jael 2.Natasha 2.Diana 2.Whitney 2.Natasha 2.Natasha 2.Natasha 2.Jael
3.Sarah 3.Samantha 3.Kathleen 3.Natasha 3.Samantha 3.Felicia 3.Natasha 3.Renee 3.Jael 3.Jael Elim.Felicia
4.Cassandra 4.Brittany 4.Felicia 4.Diana 4.Sarah 4.Whitney 4.Jael 4.Natasha 4.Felicia Elim.Whitney
5.Natasha 5.Jael 5.Samantha 5.Renee 5.Natasha 5.Renee 5.Felicia 5.Jael Elim.Renee
6.Felicia 6.Sarah 6.Diana 6.Samantha 6.Whitney 6.Sarah 6.Renee Elim.Diana
7.Diana 7.Kathleen 7.Jael 7.Jael 7.Felicia 7.Jael Elim.Sarah
8.Kathleen 8.Cassandra 8.Whitney 8.Sarah 8.Renee Elim.Samantha
9.Brittany 9.Renee 9.Renee 9.Whitney Elim.Kathleen
10.Samantha 10.Felicia 10.Sarah Elim.Cassandra
11.Jael 11.Natasha Elim.Brittany
12.Jaslene Elim.Jaslene

Week 1 : Nude Shoot on the beach

Week 2 : Hunger games inspired makeup (By districts)

Week 3 : Mannequins in store windows

Week 4 : Body Paint, nude

Week 5 : Posing with men in trios in editorial dresses

Week 6 : Spies in a box

Week 7 : Surrounded by mirrors in a dark room

ID : Greece

Week 8 : Ruins of Parthon (dramatic emotions)

Week 9 : In top of Rhodes Castle

Week 10 : Suspended over the water in couture dresses

Week 11 : CoverGirl Ad

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