1.AJ 1.Megan 1.Megan 1.Amanda 1.Monique 1.Christian 1.AJ 1.Amanda 1.Jaeda 1.AJ 1.AJ 1.AJ
2.Anchal 2.Amanda 2.Eugena 2.Monique 2.Megan 2.Jaeda 2.Jaeda 2.AJ 2.CariDee 2.Amanda 2.CariDee 2.CariDee
3.Megg 3.Monique 3.Melrose 3.Jaeda 3.Jaeda 3.CariDee 3.Melrose 3.Christian 3.AJ 3.CariDee Elim.Amanda
4.CariDee 4.Jaeda 4.Jaeda 4.Melrose 4.AJ 4.Melrose 4.Amanda 4.CariDee 4.Amanda Elim.Jaeda
5.Christian 5.Eugena 5.Amanda 5.Anchal 5.CariDee 5.AJ 5.CariDee 5.Jaeda Elim.Christian
6.Michelle 6.Christian 6.Anchal 6.CariDee 6.Christian 6.Amanda 6.Christian Elim.Melrose
7.Jaeda 7.AJ 7.CariDee 7.Christian 7.Amanda 7.Monique Elim.Monique
8.Melrose 8.Anchal 8.AJ 8.Megan 8.Melrose Elim.Megan
9.Amanda 9.Melrose 9.Christian 9.AJ Elim.Anchal
10.Megan 10.Megg 10.Monique Elim.Eugena
11.Monique 11.CariDee Elim.Megg
12.Eugena Elim.Michelle

Week 1 : Nude With Roses

Week 2 : Wearing couture watercolor dresses

Week 3 : Different stereotypes of women (Slut, buinesswoman, fashion model, housewife)

Week 4 : Campaign Ad For Peta portraying different animals behind a store window

Week 5 : Winterwear in construction site

Week 6 : Four Elements in pairs

Week 7 : Elements fom the periodic table (Iron, aluminum, gold, oxegyn)

ID : Germany

Week 8 : Fashion models in Berlin

Week 9 : Female Veterans in military base

Week 10 : Nude in a freezing, lake

Week 11 : CoverGirl Shoot

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