1.Sara 1.Nnenna 1.Danielle 1.Mollie 1.Wendy 1.Kathy 1.Sara 1.Kari 1.Kari 1.Sara 1.Joanie 1.Joanie
2.Danielle 2.Wendy 2.Kari 2.Nnenna 2.Kathy 2.Wendy 2.Nnenna 2.Joanie 2.Joanie 2.Nnenna 2.Nnenna 2.Nnenna
3.Kari 3.Kathy 3.Sara 3.Joanie 3.Mollie 3.Kari 3.Kathy 3.Kathy 3.Nnenna 3.Joanie Elim.Sara
4.Joanie 4.Gina 4.Joanie 4.Gina 4.Joanie 4.Nnenna 4.Joanie 4.Sara 4.Sara Elim.Kari
5.Jade 5.Mollie 5.Mollie 5.Kathy 5.Gina 5.Mollie 5.Wendy 5.Nnenna Elim.Kathy
6.MollieSue 6.Danielle 6.Gina 6.Kari 6.Kari 6.Joanie 6.Kari Elim.Wendy
7.Kathy 7.Kari 7.Kathy 7.Danielle 7.Nnenna 7.Sara Elim.Mollie
8.Nnenna 8.Sara 8.Nnenna 8.Sara 8.Sara Elim.Gina
9.Wendy 9.Furonda 9.Brooke 9.Wendy Elim.Danielle
10.Brooke 10.Joanie 10.Wendy Elim.Brooke
11.Gina 11.Brooke Elim.Furonda
12.Furonda Elim.Jade

Week 1 : Different Decades

Week 2 : Different emotions in B/W

Week 3 : Posing with sports items (Example : football, soccer, basketball)

Week 4 : Different Enviorments (Example : Tundra, jungle, dessert, ocean)

Week 5 : Planets

Week 6 : Female popstars

Week 7 : Disaster at wedding day

Week 8 : Tresseme ad. Hair commercial and photoshoot,

Week 9 : K Pop Stars

Week 10 : Models walking through the city

Week 11 : GUESS campaign.

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