1.Kyle 1.Kyle 1.Coryn 1.Jayla 1.Bre 1.Coryn 1.Nik 1.Cassandra 1.Kyle 1.Nik 1.Bre 1.Bre
2.Ashley 2.Nicole 2.Kyle 2.Kyle 2.Nik 2.Jayla 2.Cassandra 2.Kyle 2.Bre 2.Bre 2.Kyle 2.Kyle
3.Coryn 3.Jayla 3.Nik 3.Cassandra 3.Nicole 3.Nik 3.Bre 3.Bre 3.Cassansra 3.Kyle Elim.Nik
4.Lisa 4.Coryn 4.Nicole 4.Coryn 4.Cassandra 4.Cassandra 4.Jayla 4.Jayla 4.Nik Elim.Cassandra
5.Cassandra 5.Diane 5.Ashley 5.Bre 5.Sarah 5.Nicole 5.Kyle 5.Nik Elim.Jayla
6.Bre 6.Nik 6.Sarah 6.Sarah 6.Coryn 6.Bre 6.Coryn Elim.Coryn
7.Jayla 7.Bre 7.Bre 7.Ashley 7.Kyle 7.Kyle Elim.Nicole
8.Nik 8.Sarah 8.Jayla 8.Nicole 8.Jayla Elim.Sarah
9.Nicole 9.Ashley 9.Lisa 9.Nik Elim.Ashley
10.Sarah 10.Lisa 10.Cassandra Elim.Lisa
11.Diane 11.Cassandra Elim.Diane
12.Kim Elim.Kim

Week 1 : Robotic Chic

Week 2 : Big Hair beauty shoot

Week 3 : Mermaid love story on the beach

Week 4 : Different types of monsters

Week 5 : Underwater beauty shoot

Week 6 : Tornado Victims

Week 7 : Native Americans at the fur trade

Week 8 : Eiffel Tower editorial in glamorous dresses

Week 9 : Topless w/underwear w/men behind the Eiffel Tower

Week 10 : Biker Couple riding around the city.

Week 11 : Body shot in Louvre Museum.

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