1.Lluvy 1.Lluvy 1.Lluvy 1.Michelle 1.Rebecca 1.Christina 1.Michelle 1.Lluvy 1.Lluvy 1.Naima 1.Naima 1.Lluvy 1.Lluvy
2.Noelle 2.Kahlen 2.Michelle 2.Lluvy 2.Brittany 2.Naima 2.Christina 2.Naima 2.Tatiana 2.Keenyah 2.Lluvy 2.Keenyah 2.Keenyah
3.Brittany 3.Keenyah 3.Tiffany 3.Rebecca 3.Lluvy 3.Lluvy 3.Lluvy 3.Christina 3.Keenyah 3.Christina 3.Keenyah Elim.Naima
4.Christina 4.Tiffany 4.Tatiana 4.Keenyah 4.Tatiana 4.Rebecca 4.Keenyah 4.Tatiana 4.Christina 4.Lluvy Elim.Christina
5.Brita 5.Tatiana 5.Noelle 5.Noelle 5.Christina 5.Tatiana 5.Naima 5.Rebecca 5.Naima Elim.Tatiana
6.Tatiana 6.Noelle 6.Keenyah 6.Kahlen 6.Noelle 6.Keenyah 6.Tatiana 6.Keenyah Elim.Rebecca
7.Naima 7.Michelle 7.Christina 7.Brittany 7.Michelle 7.Brittany 7.Rebecca Elim.Michelle
8.Keenyah 8.Naima 8.Naima 8.Naima 8.Naima 8.Michelle Elim.Brittany
9.Tiffany 9.Christina 9.Kahlen 9.Christina 9.Keenyah Elim.Noelle
10.Rebecca 10.Sarah 10.Brittany 10.Tatiana Elim.Kahlen
11.Michelle 11.Brittany 11.Rebecca Elim.Tiffany
12.Sarah 12.Rebecca Elim.Sarah
13.Kahlen Elim.Brita

Note : First time Social media was introduced.

Week 1 : Crazy makeup with butterflies

Week 2 : Tarot Cards

Week 3 : Topless, editorial with crows, in B/W

Week 4 : Bikinis at the beach w/ Sea Food

Week 5 : Haute Couture at cemetery

Week 6 : Addictions (Example : Drugs, internet, food, alcohol, sex)

Week 7 : Genres Of Movies

Week 8 : City Giants (edited on green screen)

Week 9 : Wedding dresses on The Black Sand Beach

Week 10 : Wearing Alexander Queen dresses holding dogs while in the snow

Week 11 : Four Elements

Week 12 : No make up beauty shot in the hot springs

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