1.Jennipher 1.Yaya 1.Cassie 1.Madalegna 1.Leah 1.Kelle 1.Ann 1.Amanda 1.Kristi 1.Kristi 1.Kelle 1.Amanda
2.Madalegna 2.Jennipher 2.Kristi 2.Ann 2.Julie 2.Madalegna 2.Jennipher 2.Madalegna 2.Madalegna 2.Amanda 2.Amanda 2.Kelle
3.Leah 3.Leah 3.Eva 3.Julie 3.Amanda 3.Julie 3.Kristi 3.Kristi 3.Amanda 3.Kelle Elim.Kristi
4.Kelle 4.Ann 4.Jennipher 4.Kristi 4.Ann 4.Amanda 4.Amanda 4.Ann 4.Kelle Elim.Madalegna
5.Kristi 5.Kelle 5.Madalegna 5.Cassie 5.Jennipher 5.Ann 5.Madalegna 5.Kelle Elim.Ann
6.Amanda 6.Madalegna 6.Leah 6.Jennipher 6.Kristi 6.Jennipher 6.Kelle Elim.Jennipher
7.Toccara 7.Kristi 7.Ann 7.Kelle 7.Kelle 7.Kristi Elim.Julie
8.Yaya 8.Cassie 8.Kelle 8.Leah 8.Madalegna Elim.Leah
9.Cassie 9.Amanda 9.Amanda 9.Amanda Elim.Cassie
10.Eva 10.Eva 10.Julie Elim.Eva
11.Ann 11.Julie Elim.Yaya
12.Julie Elim.Toccara


Week 1 : Bikinis on cruise ship

Week 2 : Posing on top of skyscrapers in NYC

Week 3 : Crazy hairstylists

Week 4 : Posing with Random skater

Week 5 : Models in lava land backdrop

Week 6 : Posing with cheographer in dresses

Week 7 : Drunk model accidentley crashes her car into farm w/chicken

Week 8 : Posing with a toilet while looking angelic

Week 9 : Godesses feeding water to naked men at the beaches of Greece

Week 10 : Underwater love story with local men

Week 11 : Beauty shoot with snakes

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