1.Shandi 1.Mercedes 1.Heather 1.Mercedes 1.Anna 1.Catie 1.Xiomara 1.Xiomara 1.Yoanna 1.Xiomara 1.Xiomara
2.Xiomara 2.Shandi 2.Shandi 2.Catie 2.Yoanna 2.Shandi 2.Mercedes 2.Yoanna 2.Mercedes 2.Yoanna 2.Yoanna
3.Catie 3.Yoanna 3.Mercedes 3.Jenascia 3.Catie 3.Jenascia 3.Yoanna 3.Mercedes 3.Xiomara Elim.Mercedes
4.Sara 4.Catie 4.Bethany 4.Anna 4.Mercedes 4.Xiomara 4.Jenascia 4.Jenascia Elim.Jenascia
5.Bethany 5.Xiomara 5.Xiomara 5.Yoanna 5.Jenascia 5.Yoanna 5.Catie Elim.Catie
6.Anna 6.Bethany 6.Anna 6.Shandi 6.Xiomara 6.Mercedes Elim.Shandi
7.Jenascia 7.Sara 7.Jenascia 7.Bethany 7.Shandi Elim.Anna
8.Mercedes 8.Jenascia 8.Yoanna 8.Xiomara Elim.Bethany
9.Heather 9.Anna 9.Catie Elim.Heather
10.Camille 10.Heather Elim.Sara
11.Yoanna Elim.Camille


Week 1 : Role Reversal

Week 2 : Glamorous on pedastals

Week 3 : Beauty shots with birds

Week 4 : Spring Collection in 3's on elevators

Week 5 : Dolls in colorful, futursitic kitchens

Week 6 : Jumping Carolines on the beach

Week 7 : Photoshoot at airport with luggage.

Week 8 : Posing with elephant while riding motorcycle

Week 9 : Glamorous with hot mamas at the beach

Week 10 : Posing with fire

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