Week 1 :

  • Jun Soo arrives to the house **
  • Jun Soo : Oh my gawd! This house is so beautiful!
  • Jun Soo in confessional. So I walk in the house, and everything was just so beautiful, there was this big chandelir with a grand staircase, and I was just lovin' it!*
  • Jun Soo checks self out in mirror. Oh wow, I look Hawaiian today. That's funny because I looked Asian yesterday.*
  • Jun Soo back in confessional. So, I have this ongoing battle with who I am. One day, I was shopping at the mall, and this girl came up to me and said I looked Hawaiian, and someone else that day said I looked Asian, and ever since I've been SO confused!**

  • Caitlin arrives to the house

Jun Soo : Oh my gawd! Girl you're stunning!

Caitlin : Aww! Thank you so much. May I ask, are you Korean?

Jun Soo : So I'm Korean now?!?!

Caitlin : I don't know. Are you?

Jun Soo : Listen shortie! I don't know who you are, but you're RACIST!

Caitlin : .......

  • Caitlin in confessional crying. I can't beleive she just called me short! I'm not short, I'm fun-size!

  • Jun Soo in Confessional.  This stupid B****! 

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