AshieKetchem :

  1. 1: Shiranui:

Seoul, Korea 16 Back Story: She is the breadwinner of the family. At her young age she works part time at a cafe. She supports her family and her schooling. Her father died because of sickness and her mother was devastated that she was depressed to the point that she doesn't even talk anymore, that's why Shiranui works to support her family. She has also a younger brother. Because of this event, she became independent and strong. Strategy: She believes that hard work is the key to success. That's why her strategy is to not give up on tasks assigned by big brother. She also wants to show her leadership skills so that the other housemates will know her worth and not nominate her.

Masonmills :

# 2 : Byakuran : I come from Las Vegas, Nevada.22 years old I am Byakuran. I have no last name c; My backstory is that I come from this big city as a Bartender just living the life that I have always wanted, but I really just want the money for my tuition for me to go back to college for my masters, and all that. I had a really tough childhood growing up in Indianapolis, Indiana where everyone would make fun of me for liking the same sex, and what not. But, hopefully everyone is accepting in the Big Brother house, and all that. My gameplay will be able to form an alliance that will stick with me till' the end, and if I make a showmance, it happens. But my main instinct will be to make sure to hold my ground when I need to, and just hope for the best. My main goal is to not float too xD

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