Christina : 24 (BGC 11 Stephanie) (Christina vs. Kamorah) (KAMORAH PAINTS DEVIL EARS ON CHRISTINA'S PICTURE) (McHenry, Illinois)

Vanessa : 22 (BGC 11 Hailey) (Sneak Peek : Kendall Vs.Vanessa) (Vanessa splatters juice on Kendall's picture) 1-8 (San Bernarndio, Claifornia)

Kamorah : 28 (BGC 6 Char) (Special Sneak Peek : Kamorah vs. Judy) (Judy gets drunk on the bar) (Alemnce, North Carolina)

Kendall : 21 (BGC 8 Gia) (Special Sneak Peek : Kendall vs.Kamorah *Also gets in an arguement with Alexa* (FIRST NIGHT) (

Judy : 21 (BGC 9 Andrea (Special Sneak Peek : Judy vs. Alexa, Kamorah, Vanessa, Jaylynn) (After the night out of the club) (Judy gets drunk) 1-8

Alexa : 27 (BGC 5 Ashley) (Special Sneak Peek : Alexa vs.Kendall (The morning after first night)

Jaylynnn : 25 (BGC 4 Flo) (Jaylynn vs.Alexa) (Round 3) (Arguement between Jaylynn and Kendall as well)

Rafaelia : 23 (BGC 7 Stasi) 9-

Brittney : 21 (BGC8 Christine, after Jessica.) 9-

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