Season 1: Apple, Crystal

Season 2: Jaeda, CariDee, AJ, Monique

Season 3: Bre, Jayla, Nik, Coryn, Lisa

Season 4: Jennifer, Nicole, Toccara, Ann, Eva

Episode 1:

Immunity Challenge: 

Team #1: Coryn, Ann, Bre, CariDee

Team #2: Nik, Jennifer, Jaeda, Jayla

Team #3: Eva, Toccara, AJ, Lisa

Team #4: Apple, Nicole, Crystal, Monique

Losing Team: Team #1 (Bre is safe since she won the mini scavenger hunt)

Eliminated: Ann

Episode 2:

Official Teams for the season:

Lavender Team: Jayla, Nicole, Bre, Monique, Apple

Maroon Team: CariDee, Lisa, Eva, Jaeda, Jennifer

Red Team: Nik, Crystal, Toccara, AJ, Coryn

Team Captains: Apple, Jaeda, AJ

Losing Team: Lavender

Eliminated: Bre

Episode 3:

Team Captains: Jayla, CariDee, Crystal

Losing Team: Maroon

Eliminated: Eva

Episode 4:

Team Captains: Apple, Jaeda, Coryn

Losing Team: Red

Quit: Toccara

Episode 5:

Team Captains: Monique, Lisa, Crystal

Losing Team: Red

Eliminated: Coryn

Episode 6:

Team Captains: Monique, CariDee, Crystal

Losing Team: Maroon

Eliminated: Jennifer

Episode 7: 

New Teams:

Lavender: Jayla, Crystal, AJ, Monique, CariDee

Red: Nicole, Lisa, Jaeda, Apple, Nik

Team Captains: AJ, Nicole

Losing Team: Red

Eliminated: Lisa

Episode 8:

Team Captains: CariDee, Jaeda

Losing Team: Lavender

Eliminated: Jayla

Episode 9:

Team Captains: CariDee, Nicole

Losing Team: Lavender

Eliminated: Monique

Episode 10: 

Team Captains: Crystal, Jaeda

Losing Team: Lavedner

Eliminated: AJ

Episode 11:


Immuinty: CariDee

Eliminated: Jaeda

Episode 12:

Immunity: Nicole

Eliminated: CariDee


16. Ann

15. Bre

14. Eva

13. Toccara

12. Coryn

11. Jennifer

10. Lisa

9. Jayla 

8. Monique

7. AJ

6. Jaeda

5. CariDee

4. Apple

3. Crystal

2. Nicole

1. Nik

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