1.Cruella 1.SeeU 1.Emma 1.SeeU 1.Cure 1.Michiru 1.Kim 1.Misa 1.Emma 1.Cure 1.Emma 1.Emma
2.HayLin 2.Rin 2.Cure 2.Cruella 2.Michiru 2.Cure 2.Misa 2.Emma 2.Cure 2.Misa 2.Cure 2.Cure
3.Cinderella 3.Misa 3.Toph 3.Rin 3.Emma 3.Emma 3.Emma 3.Michiru 3.Rin 3.Emma Elim.Misa
4.CureMoonlight 4.Emma 4.Misa 4.Zhen 4.Misa 4.Kim 4.Rin 4.Cure 4.Misa Elim.Rin
5.ZhenZi 5.Michiru 5.Kim 5.Emma 5.Rin 5.SeeU 5.MIchiru 5.Rin Elim.Michiru
6.Toph 6.Kim 6.Cruella 6.Michiru 6.SeeU 6.Rin 6.Cure Elim.Kim
7.Rin 7.Toph 7.Rin 7.Cure 7.Kim 7.Misa Elim.SeeU
8.SeeU 8.Cruella 8.SeeU 8.Kim 8.Zhen Elim.Zhen
9.Misa 9.ZhenZi 9.Zhen 9.Misa Elim.Cruella
10.Kim 10.HayLin 10.Michiru Elim.Toph
11.Michiru 11.Cure Elim.HayLin
12.Emma Elim.Yukiko
Elim.Chii Quit.Cinderella

Notes :

Episode 1 was a special episode. The original 15 finalists were told that they were going to have more eliminations before the actual cast was decided. They had interviews with each girl, along with a photoshoot, which determined who went home.

In Episode 2, Yukiko was brought back, due to Cinderella quitting.

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