Models : 

Clara : A 19 year old blonde haired girl. The stereotypical "mall girl"

Colleen : A 24 year old, Hispanic, and Asian, with short, brown hair, and described as the "Cute anime girl"

Delia : A 18 year old Irish immigrant, with a hippie personality. Looks alot like Merida from Brave. Also Sarah from BINTM.

Ina : A 18 year old, Italian, and German immigrant, with short, black hair. With, a bitchy, and cocky personality.

Jessica : A 21 year old party girl. Hispanic, with long, curly black hair.

Kristy : A 22 year old conservative Russian. Long, brown hair, and described as a "Popular girl, who only cares about what she looks like"

Patsy : A 23 year old, Samoan immigrant, with a kind, and sweet personaliity. With chest legnth, black hair

Paulette : A 18 year old, dutch immigrant, looks alot like Brittany from ANTM Cycle 19. With a sweet, personality.

Ruby : A cocky, 21 year old, girl form New Zealand, with long, brownish hair.

Yesenia : An 18 year old, with African American descent, with a peace, zen personality. With long, black braids.

Makeovers (Week 1) (Note : Only a few girls got makeovers) : 

Colleen : Pixie Cut

Delia : Straightened, and Trimmed

Ina : Dyed Red

Jessica : Dark brown, straightened, and trimmed

Kristy : Dyed Light Brown

Ruby : Blonde Highlights, and wavy

Photoshoots : 

Week 1 : Natural Beauty shot with no makeup (10 Girls Left)

Week 2 : 50's Girls in trios (9 Girls Left)

Week 3 : Body Paint on the beach (8 Girls Left)

Week 4 : Effects of Drugs (7 Girls Left)

Week 5 : CoverGirl Commercial and print ad (6 Girls Left)


Week 6 : Different Goddesses of Athens, Greece. (5 Girls Left)

Week 7 : High Fashion In The Partheon (4 Girls Left)

Week `8 : Runway Stills (3 Girls Left)

1.Ruby 1.Paulette 1.Jessica 1.Clara 1.Patsy 1.Patsy 1.Yesenia 1.Yesenia 1.Yesenia
2.Clara 2.Clara 2.Ruby 2.Yesenia 2.Kristy 2.Jessica 2.Jessica 2.Jessica 2.Jessica
3.Delia 3.Kristy 3.Clara 3.Kristy 3.Yesenia 3.Clara 3.Clara Elim.Clara
4.Patsy 4.Jessica 4.Kristy 4.Delia 4.Jessica 4.Yesenia Elim.Patsy
5.Yesenia 5.Patsy 5.Yesenia 5.Patsy 5.Clara Elim.Kristy
6.Jessica 6.Delia 6.Delia 6.Jessica Elim.Delia
7.Kristy 7.Yesenia 7.Patsy Elim.Ruby
8.Ina 8.Ruby Elim.Paulette
9.Paulette Elim.Ina

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