1.Kortnie 1.Tahlia 1.Isabella 1.Tahlia 1.Celia 1.Jessica 1.Jessica 1.Sandra 1.Jessica 1.Allison 1.Allison 1.Jessica
2.Allison 2.Allison 2.Aminat 2.Celia 2.Nijah 2.Isabella 2.Sandra 2.Celia 2.Sandra 2.Jessica 2.Jessica 2.Allison
3.London 3.Isabella 3.Celia 3.Nijah 3.Jessica 3.Sandra 3.Isabella 3.Allison 3.Allison 3.Sandra Elim.Sandra
4.Fo 4.Fo 4.London 4.Allison 4.Allison 4.Allison 4.Nijah 4.Jessica 4.Isabella Elim.Isabella
5.Aminat 5.Jessica 5.Allison 5.Teyona 5.Isabella 5.Tahlia 5.Allison 5.Isabella Elim.Celia
6.Teyona 6.Celia 6.Nijah 6.Jessica 6.Sandra 6.Nijah 6.Celia Elim.Nijah
7.Tahlia 7.Sandra 7.Jessica 7.Aminat 7.Aminat 7.Celia Elim.Tahlia
8.Jessica 8.Nijah 8.Teyona 8.Sandra 8.Tahlia Elim.Aminat
9.Nijah 9.Aminat 9.Sandra 9.Isabella Elim.Teyona
10.Sandra 10.London 10.Tahlia Elim.London
11.Isabella 11.Teyona Elim.Fo
12.Celia Elim.Kortnie

Makeovers : 

Aminat- long straight weave

Allison- long blonde weave

Celia- brunette

Fo- i little longer and copper or short Isabella- long and blonde Jessica- mor clean cut and bangs Kourtnie- bob cut London- dark brunette Natalie- bob cut and black Nijah- fuller or bob cut Sandra- shaved Tahila- straight Teyona- longer

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