Week 1 :

HOH : Katie

Pre Veto Noms : Elyse & Giselle

Veto Winner : Ebony

Post Veto Noms : Elyse & Giselle

Evicted : Giselle

Votes :

Giselle : Ebony, Adrienne, Nicole, Kesse, Tessa

Elyse : Robin, Shannon

RECAP : The 10 girls went into the house and played their first HOH. Katie was the last one to remain on her popsicle, narrowly beating Giselle. When it was time to make nominations, she ultimately decided to put Giselle up, for almost beating her, and Elyse, as a pawn. When the veto comp came around, Ebony won when she correctly spelled the longest letter. She decided not to take any of the nominees off of the block. Hours before eviction, the self proclaimed christians, Robin and Shannon decided to form an alliance, and spread rumors about Elyse, the athiest, to get her out. The plan ultimaltely failed, as the rest of the house took the time to get out Giselle, the bigger threat.

Week 2 :

HOH : Ebony

Pre Veto Noms : Robin & Adrienne

Veto Winner : Nicole

Post Veto Noms : Robin & Shannon

Evicted :

Robin : Adrienne, Tessa, Nicole, Katie, Elyse, Kesse

Shannon :

RECAP : Ebony won her 2nd competition of the season, stunning everyone. Robin calls the girls to a house meeting, and prays for everyone, which Robin calls "The Christian Method" hoping that Ebony wouldn't nominate her. When nominations roll around, Ebony puts Robin and Adrienne up. With Adrienne being put up as a pawn. Nicole and Katie run to Ebony, and says she has started war in the house, and that she will be evicted next. Nicole saved Adrienne, after she saved the veto. And Ebony decided to put up the other christian on the block. It was obvious that Robin would be getting evicted in a unanimous vote.

Week 3 :

HOH : Kesse

Pre Veto Noms : Ebony and Shannon

Veto Winner : Tessa

Post Veto Noms : Ebony and Nicole

Eviction Votes :

Ebony : Elyse, Tessa, Adrienne, Katie

Nicole : Shannon,

Week 4 :

HOH : Adrienne

Pre Veto Noms : Kesse and Shannon

Veto Winner : Adrienne

Post Veto Noms : Kesse and Shannon

Kesse : Tessa, Katie, Nicole

Shannon : Elyse

Week 5 :

HOH : Nicole

Pre Veto Noms : Elyse and Shannon

Veto Winner : Elyse

Post Veto Noms : Shannon & Tessa

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